Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baggy Eyes Be Gone

Thanks to my father, I suffer from dark bags under my eyes. Its clearly genetics as everyone in my family has the same problem. I, apparently, am the only one who seems to care. 
After years of wearing makeup and trying so hard to figure out how to cover those damn bags, I think I have found a winning combination.

I start with the Clinque Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector. Its a light serum/ concealer thing. It would never work alone as a concealer but it gives a nice base, its quite moisturizing and the metal tip means its refreshing and de-puffing on my eyes in the morning. 

I then apply the Nars creamy concealer after my foundation. I mean there is not point in my raving about this product as everyone else already had but, I found its absolutely golden when used with the Beauty Blender. It just blends so much better than any finger or brush. It creases less, gives better coverage and blends best.

At the very end of my makeup routine I go in with the L'Oreal Magic Lumi highlighter. I apply this in the corner 1/3 of my eye to add a little brightness. 
Bye bye baggy eyes
Hello baggy eyes

I think its a winning combination!
Until next time...

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