Friday, January 24, 2014

Wish List

I read too any blogs and watch too many YouTube videos so my wish list is constantly growing.
Currently, these are at the top of my list!

-Bourjois Happy Light Concealer. Next to lipsticks, I have the most concealers of any product. And Im always on the lookout for more. Ive heard this one is very long lasting, doesn't crease and has great coverage. Its also reasonably priced at about 15$. I went to the drugstore yesterday to buy but they either don't carry this product yet or they sold out.

-Camomile Sumptuous cleansing balm. This balm is being talked about as a cheaper alternative to the Clinique cleansing balm. I cannot attest to that but from what I hear it has a relaxing scent and is very effective.

-Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder.  Described as a dry shampoo and volumizer it just sounds like the perfect product to me. Im currently using the BB surf spray to add so umph to my hair but if this product could double as a dry shampoo it would be perfect to add volume in between washes, as I usually use the surf spray before blow drying. I hope to add this to my collection soon!

-Lorac Ooh La Lace Palette. Look at this. Are you drooling yet? It looks like such a nice neutral palette. I think this would be a good addition/ friend for my Urban Decay basics. This one has more shimmer shades. And the packaging is stunning. Add in here pretty much ALL Lorac palette as well. Also at 36$ thats just 6$/share. Bargain!

-Zara Satin High Heel Sandal  I mean Rihanna started this trend a year ago and now finally everyone is catching on--strappy, simple 90s-esque heels.. While this pair of green shoes from Zara is a bit bold, I think they could add some real pizazz to a LBD.

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Every Day Makeup

I absolutely love reading these types of posts so I wanted to share mine!
My every day makeup is really basic. This is what I wear to work and to school, though sometimes I add more lip colour for school!

Here all the essentials.
Primer: Clinique
Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in shade NW15 and Nars Creamy Concealer in colour Vanilla
Foundation: Hourglass Immaculate (Liquid Powder Foundation, Mattifying) in colour Vanilla
Blush: Revlon in colour 'Haute Pink' 
Primer- elf mineral (not shown)
Liner- Stila Stay All DayWaterproof and Rimmel Scandaleyes
Eye Shadow- Urban Decay Naked Basics
Mascara- Maybelline Falsies
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter (colour varies by day)

I first start with my primer. I like to put this on about 10 minutes after my moisturizer so it has had time to settle into my skin. This Clinique primer is great. I originally bought it simply because I was too worried to try anything else on my skin. It does a nice job of evening things out, makes my makeup stay longer and helps keep my skin less oily throughout the day. This is the standard one but they also options for dull skin, red skin etc. 

Next is concealer, I try to wait about 5 minutes after primer again to let things set. 
I currently use the MAC concealer on my spots as it has great coverage and is a perfect match for my skin colour. I use the Real Techniques base shadow brush for application. And sometimes my pinky finger for extra coverage. 
I use the Nars concealer for under my eyes. It does an excellent job covering my dark circles. It truly is creamy making it easy to blend. And I have yet to have any creasing. Its  newer purchase and I am loving it. I dont use it for my blemishes as the colour is a bit too dark and I dont find it gives enough coverage. But I know it works well on others for this purpose! I use my finger or the same RT brush for this. 

Next is the most critical part. Foundation! I got this one from Sephora recently. I wasnt in the market for a new foundation but they used that new technology that determines your exact colour match and then the lady tried it on me in store. SOLD. It truly matches perfectly. I chose this of my few options as it was matte, oil free and claims to help clear up acne while it is worn. Not sure about the last claim but it does give an immaculate finish to my skin. I wore this the first time on new years and I look like I have absolutely flawless skin, if I do say so myself. And I got lots of compliments on my makeup :) 
After the foundation a put a hint of blush on my cheeks. I love this Revlon colour, newly purchased, as it gives the look of fresh cold skin in the winter. Its quite natural but adds something to my pale winter skin. I apply using my Real Techniques blush brush.
(Me on New Years wearing the Immaculate foundation)

If I remember, I next put on eye shadow primer. But usually I forget. 
Next I apply the eyeshadow using two Real Technique Brushes (base shadow and deluxe crease). 
The colours vary on my mood for in general I use Naked2 as the base (third from right in picture above) and Faint in the crease. Lastly, using a random brush I have lying around I apply Venus (first on left) on the brow bone and tear ducts. This is one of the best highlighting colours Ive used. It, like all the other colours, is so pigmented, they barely crease all day and can all be combined so nicely. 
Lastly for the eyes is liner. The Stila eyeliner is the absolute BEST. Like I cant get over talking about it. I use it for a fair fine line along the lashes. Nothing dramatic, just to create a fuller lash line. It is so easy to create a fine, straight line using this product. The other eyeline pictured above is the Rimmel nude colour for my bottom waterline. It makes me look that much more awake. I really hate when my eye makeup is so nice and my ugly bas are concealed but I am left with this awkward red line on the waterline. 
Last step is mascara. Currently I use the Falsies by Maybelline. But I also love Clinique's High Impact Mascara. The falsies is easy to add some volume and length without clumps. Its got a funky wand so it takes some time to get used to. I move it back and forth around the roots of my lashes for volume then run it over my lashes 2-3 times. Two disclaimers: curling eyelashes is a must in my books. Otherwise all your efforts in mascara are a waste. Second, I have naturally long lashes so I cant really attest to the lengthening ability of this product. 

 Final touch is the Revlon lip butter and Im good to go! I dont have to use any setting powder with this makeup as the foundation stays matte all day for me! I never though it would be possible!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe have some inspiration for you daily routine. Or to start a daily routine!

Until next time...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Face Routine

I often get asked for product recommendations on face cleansers/ moisturizers. Im not fully sure why as I am not any sort of authority on this matter nor do I have perfect skin but I thought this post would nonetheless be informative. 

Here is what I use on the daily.
Its pretty Clinique heavy. Not my fault they are good sales ladies!

Every morning I start by cleansing my face with Bioderma. I use the green one for this purpose as it says it is for oily skin, which I identify with. Basically just take this on a cotton pad and wipe your face clean! If I have any extra eye makeup that was not removed from the night before I use the Bioderma with the pink top for this purpose. (Note: Bioderma is wonderful. I recommend to all).
The small tube here is my current spot treatment. Its Keihl's Blue Herbal spot treatment. It works well enough. It dries spots up in about 2-4 applications (thats for the bigger spots). It has no smell and is clear. 
Bioderma Sebium H2o and Bioderma Sensibo H2o, Kiehl's Herbal Blue Spot Treatment

 Clarifying Lotion, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Moisture Surge Intense 
These three products are my next step. After the Bioderma, I use the clarifying lotion. I chose number 3 as it is for combination/oily skin. It has a funky smell but works well to get off the last bits of dirt and grime. Its in the 'toner' family but not called that as there is no alcohol in it. 
Next is moisturizing. This step is especially important in the winter. I chose the gel as opposed to the lotion as it is recommended for more oily skin. About 1.5-2 pumps of this works best for my face. I try to focus it on the nose and chin are which are usually most exposed to the cold air. 
Lastly, is the moisture surge intense. I only use this in the mornings when I feel especially dry. Usually, I leave it for the night time. (I use these same products in the evening but go extra heavy on the moisturizing). 

Below are the other two products I use regularly. On top, in the completely destroyed packaging, is the Lush Dark Angles scrub cleanser. This stuff is magnificent. It has a refreshing smell though its a mess to use. I only use this when I shower so the mess is semi contained. I really love how clean my face looks and feels after this. It is targeted at oily, acne pron skin. Although I do not think it helps with acne, it definitely limits my oily skin. Its a great deep cleanser for every other day use. You definitely have to use Bioderma or a toner right after to get all the black particles off your face.

Lush Dark Angels Scrub, Clinique Take the Day off Balm

Lastly here we have the ultimate... Clinique Take the Day off Balm.
It took my a while to get into this. I used it for about a week straight and was feeling kind of 'meh' about it. But then when I stopped using it I started to realize how great my skin looked before!
Basically its this balmy/milky weird solid substance. Take a bunch of it, rub it all over the face-- including eyes- and it melts the makeup away. After I wash it off with a cloth, I sometimes take a bit more and do another final cleanse with it. My skin feels SO soft and it looks great as well. Not to mention, there has yet to be one mascara to defeat this product. 
I often have to use the Bioderma on my eyes even after this but mostly just to clear away the last bits of black.
Note: this also comes in a milk format. Im not sure the difference. Milk on my face just sounded strange so I chose the balm! 

Currently, I am on the market for some eye products and a more intense, acne focused cleanser for daily use. Suggestions please!?

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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My blog says Im going to talk about fashion so here it is...

Picture from ASOS website. (Not like I have friends to pose for pictures.)

I mean the perfect basic collection. So much variety in style and fit.
Everything just looks so comfy. I want it all. But I WILL RESIST. 

My top picks...
-Boyfriend T Shirt w/ Roll Sleeve.
-Longline V Neck cami top
-Crop top w/ half sleeve and scoop back
-Crop top w/ turtle neck.

Reasonably prices. Ships worldwide. Like how could you not?
And dont forget to stock up on the pastel colours, thanks to Burberry Prorsum's SS14 fashion show we are bound to seem pastels make a big come back. Say bye bye to your neons for now (I know, Im sad too). 

PS. For those not familiar with ASOS, #suckstosuck.
 Get on that train because its a good one.
Until next time...

Lip(stick and stuff) Collection: Part 2

We are back at it. See how good Im getting at this?
This post will cover the second of three parts of my lipstick collection.
This one is a bunch of bits and bobs. I wasnt smart enough to actually sort things logically. 

NYX Butter Gloss. (Apple Strudel, Creme Brulee, Merengue) 
My newest purchase, is this threesome. I was actually just on the hunt for Creme Brulee but I found a three pack so sure why not. I had read about these online and they sounded like just what I wanted-- non sticky, pigmented and inexpensive. I would say they tick all the boxes. Ive mostly used the Creme Brulee and its the perfect nude lipgloss. With the other two I have a hard time getting an even colour on the lips but cannot deny their beauty. The colours are actually a great addition to my collection. And the names make me hungry.

Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm, Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm, Bourjois Color Boost
Interesting variety here. Kind of not really. Very much not a fan of the Revlon. Im just not a fan of the colour on me. Its much more pink where as I was wanting a Raspberry. I have the colour #220 'Showy Flambouyante' (thats also a terrible name. Should have known.) Oh well. 
The Covergirl balm is one of my oldest (not that old but older). I love it. Colour is exactly as it seems it would be on the lid, its quite sheer but adds enough colour to my pale face. I have the colour #230 (or #2299, there is a bunch of random numbers but no name).
 Lastly, the Bourjois lipstick. This is a toughy to describe. Its glossy but not a gloss, sheer but considered a lipstick and IT STAYS 10HRS. Ok, I have yet to put a timer on it but thats what it claims to do and it most definitely stays on forever. The best part is it doesnt feel like its on. I have the colour 04 'Peach on the Beach'. Its perfect for all those times Im sitting on the beach.

Revlon Super Lustrous, Rimmel Apocalips, Mac Lipglass
 These are a bit more diverse. Obviously we have the MAC, a standard. By far my oldest product, and definitely not on the top of my list. Colour ('Full For You') is amazing and perfect when you want a lighter lip but not a nude. I often wear it to events. Its also one of those that tingles on the lips. Thats pretty cool. But its just too sticky and I have to reapply every 5 minutes. Too much effort.
The Revlon is a classic lipgloss. Went a bit wild on the colour choice, 'Kiss Me Coral' but I have used it in all seasons so thats nice. My one issue is the inconsistency in colour payoff. It takes some time to spread it evenly across the lip.
Lastly, Rimmel Apocalips. Epic. I get compliments EVERY time I wear this. I have '303 Apocaliptic'. Its a really nice berry colour. This product is a lipgloss/lipstick. Staying power like nothing else, it goes

on glossy but somehow turns matte a few seconds later. Science!

Revlon Just Bitten, elf Matte lip colour, Clinique chubby Stick Intense Sample, Revlon Colour Stay Ultimate Suede 
And the last of the bunch. As im writing this I realized I should have put things together by brand but you live and learn.
First up, Revlon just bitten in Gothic. Its GOOD. It comes with a balm on one end and the stain on another. The colour is RED. Like very red. Its so prettty. But be careful, its a bitch to get off and can last for days. Guess thats why its a stain. I am so looking forward to getting more colours of these.
elf Matte lip colour in 'Natural'. Nice matte lip pencil but the colour washes me out. I usually put a gloss over it. And you have to have soft lips or you will see every gross dry patch.
Clinique Chubby Stick. Got this one as a sample. We all know how great these are. And now I know too. I would recommend getting a more exciting colour though. '01 Curviest Caramel' is a bit blah.
Finally, another Revlon, a suede one in the colour '075 Cruise Collection'. This is as bright as it looks. Or brighter. The colour has a bit of shimmer which I love because it makes it less harsh. I would call it a tangerine as opposed to orange and I would also call it underused. Its a bit scary and definitely a statement. Though the finish is gorgeous. 

Writing this has taught me I have a lot of Revlon lip products. Did you guys learn anything? Hopefully... 

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lip(stick and stuff) Collection: Part 1

I promise, Im gonna make this thing work.
Last semester was a bit of a busy one but my resolution is to get back on the blogging grind so THIS WILL HAPPEN. Please stay tuned, I have lots planned. 

Its not like I dont have lots to say. I do. Duh. Its just finding the time to put it all into a nice, readable post with pictures. 

Today, we shall tackle my lipstick collection. Im breaking it down into a few posts because its simply too much for one.

Here are my lovely lipsticks and lip glosses and others...
L to R: Topshop Lips, Revlon lip butter, Rimmel by Kate, Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil

Topshop Lips in 'Brighton Rock' and "Rio Rio'
Revlon by Kate Moss #107
These guys are likely my most used (other than my MAC lipsticks which will come in another post).  I absolutely loved the two Topshop colours over the summer and early fall months (I talked about Rio Rio in this post). The pink is an epic matte, bubble gum but not too childish pink, where as the red is a great summer red with a hint of orange. 
The Kate Moss #107 is a classic at this point. No need to rant on its greatness. All you need to know: deep, matte red, perfection. 

Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in 'Cruella'
One could argue that this colour is similar to the Kate Moss one above. WRONG. 
Its just different, ok. Yes I needed to spend my money to buy both.
Cruella is a lighter matte red. Its a bit darker than you standard fire engine red but its perfect for my light skin tone in the winter months. And the staying power is unprecedented. 

Revlon Lip Butters in #90 'Sweet Tart', #65 'Creamsicle', #75 in 'Lollipop'
The Revlon lip butters are the perfect go to when Im going for the every day, no makeup-makeup look. #90 is a great every day light pink while #75 is a bit darker and adds a little more pizazz. Ive been leaning towards #75 lately as its better suited for winter. Creamsicle was my first purchase but probably my least used. Its a great orangey nude that would look best when Im tan. Which is pretty much never so....

And thats a wrap. 

Hope this was semi interesting and enjoyable. 

Until next time... (which will be much sooner. I promise)