Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lip(stick and stuff) Collection: Part 2

We are back at it. See how good Im getting at this?
This post will cover the second of three parts of my lipstick collection.
This one is a bunch of bits and bobs. I wasnt smart enough to actually sort things logically. 

NYX Butter Gloss. (Apple Strudel, Creme Brulee, Merengue) 
My newest purchase, is this threesome. I was actually just on the hunt for Creme Brulee but I found a three pack so sure why not. I had read about these online and they sounded like just what I wanted-- non sticky, pigmented and inexpensive. I would say they tick all the boxes. Ive mostly used the Creme Brulee and its the perfect nude lipgloss. With the other two I have a hard time getting an even colour on the lips but cannot deny their beauty. The colours are actually a great addition to my collection. And the names make me hungry.

Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm, Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm, Bourjois Color Boost
Interesting variety here. Kind of not really. Very much not a fan of the Revlon. Im just not a fan of the colour on me. Its much more pink where as I was wanting a Raspberry. I have the colour #220 'Showy Flambouyante' (thats also a terrible name. Should have known.) Oh well. 
The Covergirl balm is one of my oldest (not that old but older). I love it. Colour is exactly as it seems it would be on the lid, its quite sheer but adds enough colour to my pale face. I have the colour #230 (or #2299, there is a bunch of random numbers but no name).
 Lastly, the Bourjois lipstick. This is a toughy to describe. Its glossy but not a gloss, sheer but considered a lipstick and IT STAYS 10HRS. Ok, I have yet to put a timer on it but thats what it claims to do and it most definitely stays on forever. The best part is it doesnt feel like its on. I have the colour 04 'Peach on the Beach'. Its perfect for all those times Im sitting on the beach.

Revlon Super Lustrous, Rimmel Apocalips, Mac Lipglass
 These are a bit more diverse. Obviously we have the MAC, a standard. By far my oldest product, and definitely not on the top of my list. Colour ('Full For You') is amazing and perfect when you want a lighter lip but not a nude. I often wear it to events. Its also one of those that tingles on the lips. Thats pretty cool. But its just too sticky and I have to reapply every 5 minutes. Too much effort.
The Revlon is a classic lipgloss. Went a bit wild on the colour choice, 'Kiss Me Coral' but I have used it in all seasons so thats nice. My one issue is the inconsistency in colour payoff. It takes some time to spread it evenly across the lip.
Lastly, Rimmel Apocalips. Epic. I get compliments EVERY time I wear this. I have '303 Apocaliptic'. Its a really nice berry colour. This product is a lipgloss/lipstick. Staying power like nothing else, it goes

on glossy but somehow turns matte a few seconds later. Science!

Revlon Just Bitten, elf Matte lip colour, Clinique chubby Stick Intense Sample, Revlon Colour Stay Ultimate Suede 
And the last of the bunch. As im writing this I realized I should have put things together by brand but you live and learn.
First up, Revlon just bitten in Gothic. Its GOOD. It comes with a balm on one end and the stain on another. The colour is RED. Like very red. Its so prettty. But be careful, its a bitch to get off and can last for days. Guess thats why its a stain. I am so looking forward to getting more colours of these.
elf Matte lip colour in 'Natural'. Nice matte lip pencil but the colour washes me out. I usually put a gloss over it. And you have to have soft lips or you will see every gross dry patch.
Clinique Chubby Stick. Got this one as a sample. We all know how great these are. And now I know too. I would recommend getting a more exciting colour though. '01 Curviest Caramel' is a bit blah.
Finally, another Revlon, a suede one in the colour '075 Cruise Collection'. This is as bright as it looks. Or brighter. The colour has a bit of shimmer which I love because it makes it less harsh. I would call it a tangerine as opposed to orange and I would also call it underused. Its a bit scary and definitely a statement. Though the finish is gorgeous. 

Writing this has taught me I have a lot of Revlon lip products. Did you guys learn anything? Hopefully... 

Until next time...

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