Monday, March 10, 2014

My Ultimate MAC Eyeshadow Palette

MAC was the first brand of everything for me. First concealer. First foundation. First lipstick. First eyeshadow. The list goes one. As Im building my makeup collection its only natural I would want my very own MAC Eyeshadow palette, right?
I currently own 4 MAC eyeshadows and Ive been desperate to put them all into one place. So I bought the Pro Palette and now my challenge is to build my ultimate palette.
Currently I own Mythology, All That Glitters, Shroom and Cranberry. These are all colours Ive had for a while that were recommended to me when I got my makeup done at MAC a few times. 
This is what I want my palette to look like....

(Blackberry, Sketch, Cranberry, Satelitte Dreams, Vanilla
Satin Taupe, Sable, Saddle, Soba, Naked Lunch
______, Mythology, All that Glitters, Woodwinked, Shroom)

I recently picked up Satellite Dreams as well. So now I own 5/15. 
I plan to buy one eyeshadow every month until I get them all. That way I wont spend all my non-existent money at once but I can still get everything I want!
As you can see, I have one spot left-- I need suggestions! 

What colours do others have? Any favourites or fails? Any suggestions for my palette?
Until next time...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Drew Barrymore does Makeup. Really good makeup.

So obviously its old news that Drew Barrymore's Flower brand of makeup, sold at Walmart, is quite respected. Its inexpensive and high quality, or so it claims. I would have to agree.
I have had my eye on a few items by this brand but rarely go into a Walmart. And every time I do go in they don't have anything I want in stock!

Last month however, I scored. Kind of. While on vacation I insisted on popping into a Walmart simply to check out their selection of Flower Beauty products. While they didnt have what I wanted (this beauty), another item peaked my interest. Always on the hunt for red lip products, the Line and Shape Lip Liner caught my eye! The colour, 'Cherry Red' is wonderful. Ive been using it as a lip liner for my other red lipsticks but it works just as well as a full on lipstick. 

It glides on really well, has great staying power and is quite pigmented with an even distribution of colour. Considering its so small, its quite quick an easy to get a perfect red lip!

And here it is on my lips. (excuse the blurry picture. i have seriously unsteady hands. but you get a great sense of the colour.)

Until next time.
Until next time...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

They See Me Haulin...

Im stressed. And when Im stressed, I spend. Ooops
I found myself at my local mall yesterday. I intended to make a return and get some money back but Im fairly certain I spent it all instead.

First stop was The Body Shop.
I had my eye on a few items from the Vitamin E collection. I picked up the Toner, Lip Balm and Eye cream. Ive only used the lip balm thus far but I do love it. Vitamin E is great for moisturising and its been treating my lips well thus far. Review on eye cream and toner to come later.... maybe. And they finally released (here in Canada) the Vitamin E overnight Serum in oil. CANNOT WAIT to begin using this one.

Next I headed to Bath and Body Works. Im always on the hunt for another candle and when I find the Espresso scented one I jumped! If you love the smell when walking into a Starbucks you will love this candle. Its just divine. Its been lit since I got home yesterday night.

I also did some online shopping. Its dangerous.
Ive been desperately looking for a hair mask or deep conditioner to add some moisture to my hair. Its been feeling so dry lately. From I picked up the Aussie deep conditioner and the Vidal Sasoon deep conditioning mask. I love the conditioner as it smells like a pina colada! It also leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. Still undecided about the hair mask. Its a lot of effort so Ive only use it once.

I also found myself on Never a good idea. Especially since they just launched the new Narsissist palette which, Ive been lusting over! I cannot wait to see this in person and start playing with it. I shall most definitely do a review when the time comes. I also bought the Philosophy Amazing Grace body wash. I need a new body wash and Ive been toying with the idea of buying this one and when I looked it so happened to be on sale. In my basket you go, thank you very much.

Next stop, I ordered the MAC Viva Glam lipstick. Im a huge Rihanna fan, this colour happens to look amazing and Im supporting charity so it makes me feel like a good person. :)
I also decided Im going to start a eyeshadow palette (great idea for saving money, eh?). I bought the 15 spot palette thing and eh eyeshadow in 'satellites dreams'.

Last but not least, ASOS. Ive recently discovered this site and with constant sales and forever free shipping it always sucks me in. I also only just discovered they have makeup... Oh man. I only did a bit of damage, ordering two Rimmel products. The Scandaleyes Shadow paint in the colour Rich Russet and the moisture renew lipstick in Coral Birtannia. Ive had my eye on these two for quite some time so Im excited I finally found them. I think they will also look great together. I also got a bag... a really darn pretty one. Its this quilted duffel bag in Berry. It was on sale and the colour was gorgeous. Plus, you can never go wrong with a big handbag.

Ive been naughty. Oops.
Until next time...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baggy Eyes Be Gone

Thanks to my father, I suffer from dark bags under my eyes. Its clearly genetics as everyone in my family has the same problem. I, apparently, am the only one who seems to care. 
After years of wearing makeup and trying so hard to figure out how to cover those damn bags, I think I have found a winning combination.

I start with the Clinque Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector. Its a light serum/ concealer thing. It would never work alone as a concealer but it gives a nice base, its quite moisturizing and the metal tip means its refreshing and de-puffing on my eyes in the morning. 

I then apply the Nars creamy concealer after my foundation. I mean there is not point in my raving about this product as everyone else already had but, I found its absolutely golden when used with the Beauty Blender. It just blends so much better than any finger or brush. It creases less, gives better coverage and blends best.

At the very end of my makeup routine I go in with the L'Oreal Magic Lumi highlighter. I apply this in the corner 1/3 of my eye to add a little brightness. 
Bye bye baggy eyes
Hello baggy eyes

I think its a winning combination!
Until next time...