Monday, March 10, 2014

My Ultimate MAC Eyeshadow Palette

MAC was the first brand of everything for me. First concealer. First foundation. First lipstick. First eyeshadow. The list goes one. As Im building my makeup collection its only natural I would want my very own MAC Eyeshadow palette, right?
I currently own 4 MAC eyeshadows and Ive been desperate to put them all into one place. So I bought the Pro Palette and now my challenge is to build my ultimate palette.
Currently I own Mythology, All That Glitters, Shroom and Cranberry. These are all colours Ive had for a while that were recommended to me when I got my makeup done at MAC a few times. 
This is what I want my palette to look like....

(Blackberry, Sketch, Cranberry, Satelitte Dreams, Vanilla
Satin Taupe, Sable, Saddle, Soba, Naked Lunch
______, Mythology, All that Glitters, Woodwinked, Shroom)

I recently picked up Satellite Dreams as well. So now I own 5/15. 
I plan to buy one eyeshadow every month until I get them all. That way I wont spend all my non-existent money at once but I can still get everything I want!
As you can see, I have one spot left-- I need suggestions! 

What colours do others have? Any favourites or fails? Any suggestions for my palette?
Until next time...

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