Friday, March 7, 2014

Drew Barrymore does Makeup. Really good makeup.

So obviously its old news that Drew Barrymore's Flower brand of makeup, sold at Walmart, is quite respected. Its inexpensive and high quality, or so it claims. I would have to agree.
I have had my eye on a few items by this brand but rarely go into a Walmart. And every time I do go in they don't have anything I want in stock!

Last month however, I scored. Kind of. While on vacation I insisted on popping into a Walmart simply to check out their selection of Flower Beauty products. While they didnt have what I wanted (this beauty), another item peaked my interest. Always on the hunt for red lip products, the Line and Shape Lip Liner caught my eye! The colour, 'Cherry Red' is wonderful. Ive been using it as a lip liner for my other red lipsticks but it works just as well as a full on lipstick. 

It glides on really well, has great staying power and is quite pigmented with an even distribution of colour. Considering its so small, its quite quick an easy to get a perfect red lip!

And here it is on my lips. (excuse the blurry picture. i have seriously unsteady hands. but you get a great sense of the colour.)

Until next time.
Until next time...

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