Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lip(stick and stuff) Collection: Part 1

I promise, Im gonna make this thing work.
Last semester was a bit of a busy one but my resolution is to get back on the blogging grind so THIS WILL HAPPEN. Please stay tuned, I have lots planned. 

Its not like I dont have lots to say. I do. Duh. Its just finding the time to put it all into a nice, readable post with pictures. 

Today, we shall tackle my lipstick collection. Im breaking it down into a few posts because its simply too much for one.

Here are my lovely lipsticks and lip glosses and others...
L to R: Topshop Lips, Revlon lip butter, Rimmel by Kate, Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil

Topshop Lips in 'Brighton Rock' and "Rio Rio'
Revlon by Kate Moss #107
These guys are likely my most used (other than my MAC lipsticks which will come in another post).  I absolutely loved the two Topshop colours over the summer and early fall months (I talked about Rio Rio in this post). The pink is an epic matte, bubble gum but not too childish pink, where as the red is a great summer red with a hint of orange. 
The Kate Moss #107 is a classic at this point. No need to rant on its greatness. All you need to know: deep, matte red, perfection. 

Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in 'Cruella'
One could argue that this colour is similar to the Kate Moss one above. WRONG. 
Its just different, ok. Yes I needed to spend my money to buy both.
Cruella is a lighter matte red. Its a bit darker than you standard fire engine red but its perfect for my light skin tone in the winter months. And the staying power is unprecedented. 

Revlon Lip Butters in #90 'Sweet Tart', #65 'Creamsicle', #75 in 'Lollipop'
The Revlon lip butters are the perfect go to when Im going for the every day, no makeup-makeup look. #90 is a great every day light pink while #75 is a bit darker and adds a little more pizazz. Ive been leaning towards #75 lately as its better suited for winter. Creamsicle was my first purchase but probably my least used. Its a great orangey nude that would look best when Im tan. Which is pretty much never so....

And thats a wrap. 

Hope this was semi interesting and enjoyable. 

Until next time... (which will be much sooner. I promise)

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