Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Big Bad Bold Lip

The bold red lip is back on trend. Not that it has truly ever been off trend. That would be a fashion sin.

Lately, with Autumn just around the corner (deep breathes, we will get through this terrible realization together) Ive been noticing plenty of bold lips. As I flip through my magazine everyone from Marc Jacobs to Gucci to Topshop has styled their models with bold lips ranging from the classic red to a deep almost maroon red.

Most of us average day gals, seem to be scared of a bold lip. Until a month ago, I would have included myself in this category. But why? Not only are bold lips all the rave at the moment, but they also have the power of an instant confidence boost. Knowing that I have a bold red on my lips makes me feel all the more glamorous-- even while wearing my sweats.

Here's the trick to a big bad bold lip that won't scare you.... a lipstick brush!
Have no fear, this is not anything too fancy. Simply grab a smaller, detailing brush (my current is the Real Techniques Detailer Brush). Painting on the lipstick will give you the look of a bold lip without it over dominating your face. Plus it gives you more flexibility in placement and pigmentation. Im currently using Topshop's Rio Rio lipstick as my go to bold.
It is a classic red with a slight orange undertone. (This image makes the red look deeper than it truly is). This product is also great as its very matte and very long lasting. When I paint the colour on it turns out looking like more of a lip stain. Im loving this look as its easy, on trend and within my comfort zone. 

How are other feeling about the big bad bold lip? Are we loving its resurgence or do we want something fresh and exciting?

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