Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Every Day Makeup

I absolutely love reading these types of posts so I wanted to share mine!
My every day makeup is really basic. This is what I wear to work and to school, though sometimes I add more lip colour for school!

Here all the essentials.
Primer: Clinique
Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in shade NW15 and Nars Creamy Concealer in colour Vanilla
Foundation: Hourglass Immaculate (Liquid Powder Foundation, Mattifying) in colour Vanilla
Blush: Revlon in colour 'Haute Pink' 
Primer- elf mineral (not shown)
Liner- Stila Stay All DayWaterproof and Rimmel Scandaleyes
Eye Shadow- Urban Decay Naked Basics
Mascara- Maybelline Falsies
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter (colour varies by day)

I first start with my primer. I like to put this on about 10 minutes after my moisturizer so it has had time to settle into my skin. This Clinique primer is great. I originally bought it simply because I was too worried to try anything else on my skin. It does a nice job of evening things out, makes my makeup stay longer and helps keep my skin less oily throughout the day. This is the standard one but they also options for dull skin, red skin etc. 

Next is concealer, I try to wait about 5 minutes after primer again to let things set. 
I currently use the MAC concealer on my spots as it has great coverage and is a perfect match for my skin colour. I use the Real Techniques base shadow brush for application. And sometimes my pinky finger for extra coverage. 
I use the Nars concealer for under my eyes. It does an excellent job covering my dark circles. It truly is creamy making it easy to blend. And I have yet to have any creasing. Its  newer purchase and I am loving it. I dont use it for my blemishes as the colour is a bit too dark and I dont find it gives enough coverage. But I know it works well on others for this purpose! I use my finger or the same RT brush for this. 

Next is the most critical part. Foundation! I got this one from Sephora recently. I wasnt in the market for a new foundation but they used that new technology that determines your exact colour match and then the lady tried it on me in store. SOLD. It truly matches perfectly. I chose this of my few options as it was matte, oil free and claims to help clear up acne while it is worn. Not sure about the last claim but it does give an immaculate finish to my skin. I wore this the first time on new years and I look like I have absolutely flawless skin, if I do say so myself. And I got lots of compliments on my makeup :) 
After the foundation a put a hint of blush on my cheeks. I love this Revlon colour, newly purchased, as it gives the look of fresh cold skin in the winter. Its quite natural but adds something to my pale winter skin. I apply using my Real Techniques blush brush.
(Me on New Years wearing the Immaculate foundation)

If I remember, I next put on eye shadow primer. But usually I forget. 
Next I apply the eyeshadow using two Real Technique Brushes (base shadow and deluxe crease). 
The colours vary on my mood for in general I use Naked2 as the base (third from right in picture above) and Faint in the crease. Lastly, using a random brush I have lying around I apply Venus (first on left) on the brow bone and tear ducts. This is one of the best highlighting colours Ive used. It, like all the other colours, is so pigmented, they barely crease all day and can all be combined so nicely. 
Lastly for the eyes is liner. The Stila eyeliner is the absolute BEST. Like I cant get over talking about it. I use it for a fair fine line along the lashes. Nothing dramatic, just to create a fuller lash line. It is so easy to create a fine, straight line using this product. The other eyeline pictured above is the Rimmel nude colour for my bottom waterline. It makes me look that much more awake. I really hate when my eye makeup is so nice and my ugly bas are concealed but I am left with this awkward red line on the waterline. 
Last step is mascara. Currently I use the Falsies by Maybelline. But I also love Clinique's High Impact Mascara. The falsies is easy to add some volume and length without clumps. Its got a funky wand so it takes some time to get used to. I move it back and forth around the roots of my lashes for volume then run it over my lashes 2-3 times. Two disclaimers: curling eyelashes is a must in my books. Otherwise all your efforts in mascara are a waste. Second, I have naturally long lashes so I cant really attest to the lengthening ability of this product. 

 Final touch is the Revlon lip butter and Im good to go! I dont have to use any setting powder with this makeup as the foundation stays matte all day for me! I never though it would be possible!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe have some inspiration for you daily routine. Or to start a daily routine!

Until next time...

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